Visiting the HambiBleibt demonstration

Yesterday I visited the demonstrations against RWEs large lignite (aka brown coal) factory and their plans to cut down the last parts of a formerly huge forest. It’s close to my home and I decided to see for myself what so many people are so passionate about. This is my report of my observed behavior, my talks to people and the conclusions I drew from the day. If you just want to look at some nice pics, check the bottom. Read more →

September 10, 2018

The Dark Side of Youth Mobility

Do you have this friend who always talks about her next city to live in? Or do you know this obnoxious guy who’s living in your city and is always trash-talking how your city operates? He’s probably from somewhere else and everything is better somewhere else, which is why he’ll move there after his “finding my true passion” year is finished. If you do, you probably live in a city that I want to put into focus. Read more →

April 16, 2018